"How many times for your sake have I entered the cave of the Blue Dragon?"

Calligraphy by Dr Seo, Kyun-Bo, Chan Pil (Zen Brush) Master, 76th Zen Buddihist Patriarch

Free Books from the Blue Dragon Zen Academy

The Purpose is to pass on the teachings in keeping our vow to take refuge in the teaching and to find a library for preserving these practices in the spirit of Loving Kindness.

Free downloads of Practices designed to bring about physical health, mental control and inner harmony.

The emphasis is on achieving singleness of mind thru the cultivation of the force. This is on account of the directive attitude and intention exercised during the initial moments of the practice.

It is thru this that the Master Hand moves, that creative quality when the art is not a mere display of technical skill patiently learned under the tutorship of a good master, but an original and creative intelligence.

These are taken from some of the better practices offered at the Internal School (Blue Dragon Zen Buddhist Temple), Arcata, California 1971.